Question: How to configure GitLab webhook in Spinnaker?

Steps to configure GitLab Webhook:

1. Navigate to the Settings page of a repository

2. Choose the Integrations menu

3. Fill out the fields:

    3.1. URL: https://GATE-URL/webhooks/webhook/gitlab

        The Payload URL should be GATE-ENDPOINT/webhooks/webhook/gitlab/<app-specific-endpoint>

        We need Spinnaker’s API running on an endpoint that is publicly reachable. This is required to allow GitLab’s webhooks to reach Spinnaker. "<app-specific-endpoint>" is a string that is given where the trigger is configured in Spinnaker. Please see:

        If you’re unsure of what your Spinnaker API endpoint is, we can get the URL as follows:

        a) If using an ingress controller: kubectl get ing, look for oes-gate, spin-gate, etc.

        b) Exec into the halyard pod, look for "overrideurl", an get the value of the "api" endpoint.

        c) Exec into the halyard pod, check the value of services.gate.baseUrl in ~/.hal/default/staging/spinnaker.yml

    3.2. Secret Token: Spinnaker validates the source of the requests with the Secret Token

4. Select Trigger options like, ‘Push events’, ‘Push events’, etc.

5. Check/Uncheck ‘Enable SSL verification’ according to Spinnaker server SSL configuration

6. Click ‘Add webhook’ (edited)